The New Truth About Vitamins and Minerals

Imagine, forty percent of the American public takes a multivitamin and there is no guidebook or study that evaluates these pills. Americans swallow vitamins pills by the millions, but do they do more harm than good as detractors claim? Vitamin pills are the best health insurance that one can buy.

Being an advocate of dietary supplementation, too often I would receive phone calls from people that their health conditions weren’t improving, in fact, were getting worse, after they began taking vitamins. I wondered why vitamin pills weren’t always living up to their promise? Upon investigation, I found most multivitamins were poorly formulated. They were impotent, unbalanced and incomplete. Most brands either followed the ridiculous daily allowance (RDA) or attempted to lure consumers by providing more and more milligrams of vitamins and minerals.

Some brands showcased certain nutrients but provided trivial doses. The fine print on multivitamin labels is often beyond consumer understanding. Vitamin pills buyers often pay for nutrients that are inferior, like inorganic selenium, synthetically made vitamin E, and poorly-absorbed forms of magnesium and vitamin B12.

The list of requirements for a well-designed multivitamin began to develop. I came up with about 25 important markers to evaluate multivitamins. A rating form was developed so consumers could evaluate their own multivitamins. It’s at the back of the book. If you are the type of consumer who wants to know you are doing the right thing when you take vitamin pills. If you want to check the references and studies before you buy a multi. If you want a multivitamin that delivers on its promise to promote health and longevity, then this book is worth the read.

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“I bought this book in 2004 and still refer back to it today. For me it was like my first primer on health and nutrition. I learned a lot about why all the different vitamins and minerals are packed into a multivitamin. Not being a doctor I found the information laid out in easy to understand terms that I could grasp. Was even able to create a chart based on my diet and see what vitamins and minerals should still be added.
For me the most valuable lesson I learned was how a serving of berries could replace an aspirin – if you are looking to reduce inflammation for example.
This book also teaches why certain vitamins and minerals need to be balanced and addresses the correct quantities.¬†This book covers in detail what each vitamin does for your health.”

“Great book and very well written!! This is the kind of info you will NOT find in your everyday internet readings!! Learned a lot and also a great reference book to keep around.”

“Love Bill Sardi he provides so much information on alternative medicine and nutrition.If you want an all around book on supplements than this is the book. I use his website frequently he has so much information that the main stream won’t provide.”

“I have been using and reading about vitamins and supplements for forty years and this is an excellent summary of the interactions and importance of proper ratios. If you are taking supplements this is a MUST HAVE in your library.”