The Red Wine Pill

There is a genetic mechanism in all living cells that is far more powerful than any medicine or vitamin that can prolong the life of living cells. Now scientists discover a small molecule, found in nature, that turns on the longevity switch.

  • Learn why there is a tremendous upsurge in the number of centenarians around the world, and why millions of people will live beyond the age of 120 years.
  • Learn why people on two islands, Okinawa and Sardinia, live beyond the age of 100, but for different reasons.
  • Learn why aging researchers recently began talking about the possibility of an anti-aging pill.
  • Learn how new discoveries shed light on an environmental phenomenon that has puzzled health researchers for over 70 years.
  • Learn why Methuselah experienced such unusual longevity.
  • Learn why the French experience such unusual health and longevity despite a diet rich in fat and calories.
  • Learn how a pill can now mimic the healthy properties of calorie restriction and red wine consumption.